Dear Prime Minister,
I hope this email finds you well.
Following the recent terrorist attack that has visited New Zealand, great country of.tolerance and peace, we as UK Muslim/British/Somali community leaders would like to take the opportunity to condemn the heinous attack on innocent people. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of New Zealand as you all seek to recover from the horror show of last Friday. 
We would like to also commend and recognise the response of the Police and emergency services for their effective and courageous efforts. 
As a community we also take the opportunity recognise and appreciate you as a Prime Minister and political leader for recognising the act as a terrorism act, which must be confronted in all of its forms globally. Your outreach and combined leadership in this difficult hour of grieve for New Zealand was visible and exemplary to watch. 
As human beings and people of tolerance and peace, we have more that unites us than divide us. This unified approach and response to the terrorist incident was evident and encouraging for all. 
As members of the Muslim faith in UK we take heart from your overall response and human approach to tackling and analysing the aftermath of the incident. 
We also recognise and welcome the decision of your government and cabinet to tighten New Zealand's gun laws to prevent such incident taking place again.
Within this framework we would like advice your government and authorities across the world to increase prevention measures against white supremacist extremists who we feel has been politically sidelined and not.given the same priority and robustness to other forms of violent extremism that unfortunately exist in the world. 
In summary, our hearts and thoughts are with the people of New Zealand. All Humanity was attacked on Friday and we take courage and warmth from your leadership and humane response to the attack.
New Zealand and humanity will always prevail. We wish you all a speedy recovery and continues prayers for the deceased and injured victims during these testing times for New Zealand. From government, to community, school youths, young and old throughout the country, you have once again shown to be a fordward looking and welcoming nation that is a beacon and hope for our community of nations and societies. 
Best wishes 
Abdihafid Mahamud Jama 
Universal Somali TV
London  England 
Twitter  @Abdihafidunivtv